My Sheep Hear My Voice

 my sheep hear my voice 1000 words

"My sheep hear my voice" is a biblical quote from the book of John, chapter 10, verse 27. This statement was made by Jesus, who was describing the relationship between himself and his followers, whom he compared to sheep. Here is an explanation of this quote:

In the context of the biblical passage, Jesus was explaining that he is the "good shepherd" who cares for his sheep and protects them from harm. He said that his sheep hear his voice and follow him, because they know him and trust him. He contrasted this with the actions of thieves and robbers, who try to steal and harm the sheep, and who are not known or trusted by them.

The idea behind this quote is that those who are true followers of Jesus are able to recognize his voice and follow his teachings. It suggests that there is a special relationship between Jesus and his followers, one that is based on trust and familiarity.

The image of Jesus as a shepherd and his followers as sheep is a common metaphor in the Bible, and is used to describe the caring, guiding, and protective role of religious leaders. This metaphor is often used to describe the relationship between God and his people, and the way that God watches over and guides those who follow him.

In a broader sense, the idea of hearing a voice and following it can be seen as a metaphor for following one's conscience, intuition, or inner guidance. It suggests that there is a voice within each of us that can guide us towards truth, goodness, and the right path in life.

Overall, the quote "my sheep hear my voice" is a powerful statement about the relationship between Jesus and his followers, and about the importance of recognizing and following a voice of truth and guidance in our lives. It reminds us of the importance of trust, familiarity, and listening to our inner wisdom in order to live a life that is in line with our deepest values and aspirations.


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