Sharp Sword to Strike Down Death.

 Sharp Sword to strike down the nations that have oppressed you. The people of the land are in revolt. They are demanding the return of their rightful king. You must lead the people in a war to restore their king, or you will be killed. Choose wisely and you may return home with your head held high. If you fail, your life will end here. This is not the end. It is the beginning of a new age. This is your final test. A new era is upon you, and the time has..... I generated that with an ai text writer. So anyway this is a war on death man vs death. Im actually doing some work on this website today. Im currently streaming to twitch youtube and facebook live.  Not getting anywhere though.  Will this make me rich probably not. But it's a better topic than that im running as well.  You gotta goto work work work.  Man Vs Death Here we go.

To release those condemned to death...

 Psalm 102:19 For He looked down from the heights of His sanctuary; the LORD gazed out from heaven to earth 20to hear a prisoner’s groaning, to release those condemned to death, 21that they may proclaim the name of the LORD in Zion and praise Him in Jerusalem. Zion/Sound. One Words.

Headstone N Man Vs Death.

  Takes a few tries but you can get stuff outta art e=generators that are useful. A representation of tech vs death

Based on.

 This is another Artificial Art Creation using the photo thats at the top of this page as a base and the text manvsdeath. These are lots of fun to see the results.

Computer Vs Death.

Written by a Computer with the headline "Man Versus Death" used as seed.  Death- or the idea of a person's mortality- is one of the most powerful concepts in human history. The concept of death has sparked wars, revolutions and creation myths. People have also created religions and philosophies in an attempt to understand this inevitable event. Many ancient Greeks viewed death as a part of life and believed in fighting death through philosophy, religion and mythology. However, Thomas Hobbes famously described death as 'the greatest calamity that can befall a human being.' Human beings have different attitudes towards death, which directly affects their mental state. The Greek philosopher Socrates believed that the unexplainable nature of death inspired his philosophical inquiries. According to Greek legend, when Socrates faced his own mortality, he refused to drink the deadly cup of hemlock. Even in death, Socrates maintained his ethical standards- which some beli

Soundcloud and Artificial IntelIigence Music.

ManVsDeath · New Composition #5 One of my first musical A.I random creations. 

Art. A.I.

 Generated using the keywords war on death.

My First A.I Article.

This was written totally by an artificial intelligence. Begins Here: The Mystery of Man Perhaps the greatest work of Carl Jung is that of separating concepts of human biology from our more spiritual existence. The modern scientific endeavor is a fusion of the two, but it is not the only way of seeing our biological makeup. While we may not be able to control our own lives, we have the power to explore our spiritual human nature and that knowledge is what will ultimately save the world. Science and Spirituality are not mutually exclusive - for that is our spirit's method of not only survival, but progress itself. The Truth of Human Nature I understand that this topic has been raised many times before, but I am going to cover it in ways that are fresh and exciting. You see, there is only one way to save the world. There is only one way to "win". As a matter of fact, there is not even one way to survive. However, there are many, many ways to become part of the story's gr

More ManVsDeath Ai Art.

 ManVsDeath photos created with 

ManVsDeath AI Art Porn.

  I created this at  a free A.I Art Generator searching exactly for ManVsDeath. 

Virgin AI ART User. My First.

  I Generated this art  HERE  using a free A.I Tool that generates art using just words. I used the keywords Man Versus Death and this was the result.  I have heard about the Art Ai before but never actually used it. This is my first ever result. It took seconds to generate and I was able to save it to my SSD all for free. Im not sure if there is a limit to creation attempts but you should definitely click the link and try it out.

Death and Dying in Literature.

  Death and Dying in Literature. A scientific paper analyzing death in literature from Cambridge university. 

USA Suicide Statistics.

USA Suicide Statistics   Proverbs 11:30  The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.

A Random Man-Vs-Death Untested Resource Podcast

If I not you search for ManVsDeath in google right now the very top link is this podcast  Here . I haven't listened to any of the casts but because he has called it Man-Vs-Death I will post the link here as it is a type of untested resource. So untested resource.