Man Vs Death General Comments Thread.

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1200 One 100 Year Olds

 This is an interesting article about a study done against aging and the markers that are associated. In summary limit sugar take care of your kidney and liver. Read the article here its entitled:    A New Study Inched Closer to Discovering the Antidote for Death

The best-selling books of all time:

The best-selling books of all time: The best-selling books of all time: The Bible - 5 billion The Quran - 3 billion The Little Red Book: Quotations from Chairman Mao - 900 million Don Quixote - 500 million Selected Articles of Chairman Mao - 450 million A Tale of Two Cities - 200 million The Lord of the Rings - 150 million Scouting for Boys: An Instruction in Good Citizenship - 150 million The Book of Mormon - 150 million The Little Princess - 140 million Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone - 120 million The Truth that Leads to Eternal Life - 107 million Alice in Wonderland - 100 million Dream of the Red Chamber - 100 million The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - 85 million The Bible - 5 billion The Bible, often referred to as the Holy Scriptures, is an ancient and revered collection of sacred texts that holds profound significance for billions of people around the world. Comprising two main sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament, the Bible serves as the foundational r