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  1. PROPHECY: The Punishment Of My Disobedient People

    "Tell them that I love them.  I've called them for much to do.  Why won't they obey Me, My son?  I've called them to obey Me, to do My will.  Why won't they obey?  My heart grows angry over the spirit of disobedience in their lives.  They won't repent of it.  Many people are going to Hell without their help.  Why won't they obey, My son?  I've called them to the mission fields, to do My will in foreign countries, to preach My Gospel and to do My will wherever the Spirit leads.  Why won't they obey?  They love this world, its creature comforts, its materialism.  They won't obey because it has their heart.  The love of the world will send many to Hell, including My people.  What can I do without them?  They are crucial to My plan, but still they won't obey.  They must be punished, My son.  Plagues will arise among My people from the world.  Did I not say leave Babylon?  But still they prefer it.  I will kill many among My people with the next plague.  It is ordained by Me, by My Hand.  It will arise and kill many of My useless, disobedient people.  They must go.  They are useless to Me.  I ordained it.  They will not go, nor provide for others who want to obey Me and go to the mission fields.  My wrath is aroused.  They are useless, disobedient people.  They will not make it to My Heaven, My son.  You are one of the few.  I will preserve you with plagues all around.  You need not wash your hands, My Spirit will keep you safe from all germs of man, and the viruses they create.  A thousand will fall at your right hand, but I will keep you safe from it all.  Only obey Me.  I have much for you to do.  Obey Me.  Your LORD has spoken.  Amen and amen."


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