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 I was scrolling twitter and saw a promoted article about Bryan Johnson who is also trying to achieve eternal life. I clicked and read a couple paragraphs but the rest of the article required you to sign in and you only got one free article. At first I didnt sign in but came back 5 mins later and signed in. I read the article and watched the video. Im glad I did read cause he is an exact match for this site.

Bryan sold a company he made for $800 million and has been investing the money into longevity and reversal of age.

The project is called Project Blueprint. The project shows his diet and the various medical treatments and procedures he uses. It is all evidence and science based which makes it really cool rather than being emotion and fad based. Emotions get such a bad rep. Surely love is more than an emotion.

I really like the sound of his nutty pudding which I would most definitely eat. Also he eats chocolate which im pretty sure with my emotions discerning is quite good for you. But there are many different chocolates and you have to get the right one. I remember eating one chocolate and it making my teeth really really hurt. After reading bryans site im thinking just now as I recall that maybe the chocolate had metal in it cause it was kinda like biting aluminum this chocolate.

So definitely check Project Blueprint out cause his website is much more advanced than this one and has his diet and break down of costs which you can follow. It shows the achievements he has made in reversing his age with the most accurate and current gold standard measuring tests. 

Um really check it out for yourself I dont need to explain about it here. One thing to me is that I found the appearance of  byrans face kinda ugly and kinda feminine. His body is very muscley though. He just seems feminine and ugly to me. But hey im uglier. 

Also check out Bryans latest site Rejuvenation Olympics which is a leaderboard of the top people who have reversed aging the most. Leave a post in his forums in support. He gets alot of hate but alot of people are basically evil and condemned according to myself. So many are evil and deserving of death not life. Jesus saves. But i dunno. Some people just need eternal punishment as they have choose for themselves or hopefully are rewarded with. 

So what should we do we who are poors. We have words communication and dialog which is almost free if not free. Wake people up that immortality now and freedom are both achievable and that resurrection of the dead and punishment of all crimes is coming. Warn them that peoples actions are recorded if not watched by perhaps a future generation if not god. They say who sees us. The bible says  For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Warn people in power, criminals murderers theives of this for surely they think their actions are in secret. I believe. Ride on my belief.  Repent and change.

Thanks for time 

Darcy lee

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