Sharp Sword to Strike Down Death.

 Sharp Sword to strike down the nations that have oppressed you. The people of the land are in revolt. They are demanding the return of their rightful king. You must lead the people in a war to restore their king, or you will be killed. Choose wisely and you may return home with your head held high. If you fail, your life will end here.

This is not the end. It is the beginning of a new age. This is your final test. A new era is upon you, and the time has.....

I generated that with an ai text writer.

So anyway this is a war on death man vs death. Im actually doing some work on this website today. Im currently streaming to twitch youtube and facebook live. 

Not getting anywhere though. 

Will this make me rich probably not. But it's a better topic than that im running as well. 

You gotta goto work work work. 

Man Vs Death Here we go.


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